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My name is Leila,

I was born in Bergamo and grew up in my city.  I love it so much that I wish everyone could visit it.
I find it beautiful to be lived and discovered, so I got the idea to create a one-of-a-kind accommodation for tourists and business travelers.


Why “Ginevra Rooms”?

My father is an architect and a life long collector of watches. My daughter’s name is Ginevra, just like the Swiss capital.
Hence Ginevra Rooms’ identity is connected to my family history.
What was previously my father’s architecture studio, situated in the heart of Bergamo just around the corner from everything, has been converted into a delightful accommodation inspired by the most famous watches in the world.

Rolex, Cartier, Patek, Vacheron, name the rooms of our structure, each one with its distinctive character and particular atmosphere, thanks to the care taken in choosing furniture and modern finishing details.
The rooms, located at the fifth floor of an elegant building overlooking the city, are large and equipped with all the comfort you will see specified on this site.
An ever so comfortable and practical accommodation for couples, families, business travelers….for stays of one night or longer.

A self check-in system active 24 h, simple and accurately managed by email, allows you to plan your arrival time freely.


Ginevra Rooms is located at the fifth floor of an elegant building overlooking the spacious and tranquil Piazza della Repubblica, along the historical Viale Vittorio Emanuele.
The latter together with the well known ” Sentierone” (“the Big Path” – via xx Settembre) traces the cardo and decumano of the down city, its primary structure and backbone.

From Ginevra Rooms in Piazza della Repubblica, a public transport line (bus nr.1) connects the middle age Upper City with the train station down town. Here leaves the shuttle to the airport for our flying customers.

As well as being in a strategic position for many necessities, Ginevra Rooms can be easily reached also by car.
Two covered public car parks are just around the corner for parking for 24 hours or more.
The daily rate for the cheapest option, Parking Piazza della Libertà, is €15.00 per day. The other option is Garage San Marco, located at Piazza della Repubblica, with a daily rate of €30.00:
a. Parking Piazza della Libertà – €15.00 per day
b. Garage San Marco – Piazza della Repubblica; €30.00 per day

The location of our structure meets therefore customers’ requirements for both touristic and cultural programs as well as professional and business needs.

Not far away and reachable on foot, you find the exceptional art museum Accademia Carrara, Donizetti Theatre with its musical festivals and stage shows, the funicular to the Upper City, the Court of Justice and the District Court of the city, the most central professional studios and the favorites shopping streets.

How does self check-in work?

Ginevra Rooms is accessible 24 hours a day, independently, without the presence of staff, but through a simple automated door opening system, securely and unambiguously based on your personal mobile phone number.

Important: At the arrival it’s necessary to proceed with a direct phone call (no voipe/internet calls) to have access to the structure. You must use a mobile phone working in Italy to access the facility! (no roaming charges).

For this reason it is necessary to fill in the arrival form mentioning the mobile phone number to be authorized for the doors’ opening, within the evening of the day before your arrival.

How to enter Ginevra Rooms?

It is simple!
When you are at the entrance gate, call +39.342.3571053 from the telephone which number have been authorised. The gate will open.
Once on the 5th floor, call +39.342.3571053 again and the door of Ginevra Rooms will open automatically.
All of this is at no cost to you (no roaming charges).
Once you enter the reception you will find an envelope with your name on it containing the personal magnetic card to open the room you have booked.