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Triple room

501 Cartier

Minimal chic and a gentle, simple atmosphere distinguish our Cartier room.

A silvery brightness pervades this essential room with a sober elegance.
A precious and silent oasis overlooking the city, that can be seen from a wide wall with windows.
Soft curtains allow you to find the right atmosphere for your desires.

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Triple room

502 Patek

Class and comfort in a versatile space enclosed in the Patek suite.

A suite with an elegant privacy in its spaces.
A neutral-colored curtain wall does not prevent the perception of a large and comfortable room, giving intimacy to both the main double bed and the sofa bed on the opposite side…the one not visible to the other.
The rich curtains hiding a balcony suspended upon the city and the choice of soft and natural furnishing colors make this suite enveloping and refined as well as functional.

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Triple room

503 Rolex

Extra soft atmosphere and an unconventional touch for the comfort of Rolex room.

Unusual geometries for this dove grey nest overlooking Piazza della Repubblica and the historic Viale Vittorio Emanuele with a spacious terrace.
City views to be enjoyed by changing daylight.
The double bed in oblique position against the wall deviates from the more usual symmetries giving dynamics to the whole ambience.
Soft and natural colors make the atmosphere embracing and refined.

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Triple room

504 Vacheron

If you are looking for something unusual and impressive…our Vacheron room can satisfy your desire.

You’ll find a surprise in our particular Vacheron room.
A crystal wall doesn’t hide a white double bathtub which can be seen while relaxing on the double bed .
The wide corner enclosing the bathtub , divides bedroom from bathroom, featuring a floor shower too.
The dark nouances and crystal transparencies of the bathroom are harmonically combined with those soft and natural of the bedroom.
A terrace overlooking Piazza della Repubblica and the historical Viale Vittorio Emanuele offers you a view of the Upper City to be enjoyed by changing daylight.

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How does self check-in work?

Ginevra Rooms is accessible 24 hours a day, independently, without the presence of staff, but through a simple automated door opening system, securely and unambiguously based on your personal mobile phone number.

Important: At the arrival it’s necessary to proceed with a direct phone call (no voipe/internet calls) to have access to the structure. You must use a mobile phone working in Italy to access the facility! (no roaming charges).

For this reason it is necessary to fill in the arrival form mentioning the mobile phone number to be authorized for the doors’ opening, within the evening of the day before your arrival.

How to enter Ginevra Rooms?

It is simple!
When you are at the entrance gate, call +39.342.3571053 from the telephone which number have been authorised. The gate will open.
Once on the 5th floor, call +39.342.3571053 again and the door of Ginevra Rooms will open automatically.
All of this is at no cost to you (no roaming charges).
Once you enter the reception you will find an envelope with your name on it containing the personal magnetic card to open the room you have booked.